Our device ASP 01 AWARENESS LINE was tested by High Fidelity’s journalist Wojciech Pacuła. Here is his feedback.

High Fidelity - test procesora YayumaAs we launched a completely different and unprecedented device, we realize we are in a tight corner. But so are and will be journalists who get our invention for testing. First, they have to acquaint themselves with an entirely new kind of equipment. They have to grasp the concepts and understand how the devices work. Perhaps, they also need to change their set ways, including their approach to the aesthetics of sound. They have to be able to distance themselves from what they have listened to so far and how. Finally, they might have to revise the long-standing ways in which they have tested equipment and composed their feedback.

Wojciech Pacuła from HighFidelity.pl magazine was the first journalist to test the ASP 01 AWARENESS LINE.
During the 2016 Audio Video Show, he had the brief opportunity to check out the processor, after which he awarded it (us) the “Sound of the Show” title. Now, an opportunity arose to make sure whether it was the right decision. His article is balanced, calm, and as objective as possible. Impatient readers will not get any fragments or summaries from us, because the material is best read in its entirety. Have a good read.

review: AWARNESS LINE ASP 01 in High Fidelity

Review of Yayuma in High Fidelity