We had the pleasure of presenting our Awareness Line ASP 01 processor to Mr. Janusz Sikora, an analogue sound aficionado.

Yayuma & J.Sikora turntablesOn 9 March, we visited Mr. Janusz Sikora in Lublin. Our analogue sound processor was plugged into an analogue audio path behind the outstanding J.Sikora turntable. Mr. Sikora produces sophisticated turntables, with the Reference model being a world-class device. Can the sound coming from such a turntable be any better? Yes, it can, and we could hear it particularly when we were playing Mr. Sikora’s favourite Japanese analogue records, made without any sound interference or tweaks. This is when the processor really shows its full potential, extracting the elements which were recorded on the sound source but so far have been omitted during playback.

We wish to express our gratitude to Mr. Sikora for a wonderful meeting and inspiring moments with music played on the most perfect combination.

The elements of the system:

Yayuma & J.Sikora turntables

  • Yayuma ASP 01 “Awareness Line” processor
  • ASW Magadis loudspeakers
  • J.Sikora Reference turntable with Kuzma 4Point 14″ tonearm
  • J.Sikora Reference phonostage
  • J.Sikora TVC (transformer volume control)
  • Burdjak&Sikora balanced tube monoblocks from 1996
  • J.Sikora interconnect power cables
  • Van den Hul Cumulus 3T speaker cables
  • J.Sikora strip and isolation transformer