Mr. Marek Dyba from “HIFI KNIGHTS” is another person who appreciated our technology and processor ASP01 “Awareness Line”


Yayuma Audio - review Awareness Line ASP 01 - Marek DybaManufacturers often use a beautiful, flowery language to describe their audio products, sometimes creating an impression as if these work according to laws of magic rather than those of physics. The point is that the latter are not optional and one can not choose whether they apply or not. On the other hand, it is possible to optimize sound reproduction while working within limits of laws of physics. This is exactly what Yayuma Audio’s sound processor, their very first product from the Awareness line named ASP 01, does. Its operation is based on mathematical models that optimize sound reproduction so that what one can hear from the loudspeakers is as close as possible to what microphone(s) “heard” while the sound was recorded.

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