This time, we met with Mr. Tomasz Rogula, owner of the Zeta Zero brand. It was a pure explosion of music and a wonderful opportunity to exchange experiences.

Yayuma & Zeta Zero

Maybe this will sound immodest, but Mr. Rogula was really impressed by our processor, although we must admit we were equally impressed by the design of Zeta Zero loudspeakers. You could feel an instant chemistry between us. The meeting, which was supposed to be purely presentational, turned into a working session with us sharing our experiences, knowledge, remarks, observations, and impressions, and with continuous configuration changes.

Following the meeting, Mr. Rogula promised us to commit his observations to paper. Hence, we look forward to reading an opinion of someone truly immersed in music (As you know, Mr. Rogula owns the recording studio TR Studios Tomasz Rogula.). As soon as we receive it, we will share it with you.

The elements of the system:

  • Yayuma ASP 01 “Awareness Line” processor
  • ZETA ZERO Orbital 360 loudspeakers
  • ZETA ZERO 1175 monoblock amplifier
  • ZETA ZERO 1176 ULTRA-linear preamp