The technology applied in our analogue sound processor was given a name

PONA sound

Pure Original Natural Audio sound

This innovative technology has been protected by patent granted by the Swiss patent office (Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property)

YAYUMA audio was founded by a group of fanatics who were deeply convinced there was large reserve of unused potential to dramatically improve sound quality reproduced by audio equipment.

PONA sound

Principles of operation

After many years of observations and research we have discovered that through contemporary electroacoustic channels not complete and full range of information and details stored in musical material is transferred.
Generally the musical data recorded in any possible sound format (including that transferred through sound system microphones used during live performance) may be split to three different components of sound. However surprisingly contemporary audio systems reproduce only one of them.

When applied correctly this technology will not alter the sound dynamic range. Neither will it change the amplitude of sound or add new information or details to the musical material. This technology will bring out the information which has been hidden and never reproduced, but which was originally recorded.

It should be noted that the PONA technology will also reveal any mistakes or imperfections when producing the music, especially those which were related to the use of equaliser or generated during compression of the dynamics of the sound.

Improving the quality of sound

Devices equipped with the PONA sound technology will be capable of improving the quality of sound being reproduced by an audio system, whether the cheapest or the most expensive one

Extensive use

The PONA sound technology may be applied wherever we give the highest sound quality a top priority: home use audio systems, recording studios, concert halls, etc.

How much would the quality of sound change and is it possible to notice a clear improvement in your own audio system?

We are confident about it, we do not tell stories, instead we strongly recommend you to test our innovation in practice.


AVS 2015 – premiere of the prototype

AVS 2016 – premiere of the ASP awaerenes line