Product line

The base


The Awakening series is a starting point of a great adventure of discovering acoustic capabilities of every audio system. Products belonging to the line are going to be based on very high quality components. The line is being designed.

The line is being designed



Yayuma Awareness PONA Sound
Yayuma Awareness PONA Sound

The main properties of awareness line of YAYUMA audio processor:

  • PONA sound technology inside
  • Full balanced construction.
  • Processing of audio track is made by analog section only.
  • Analog path is controlled by 11 SPI-networked microprocessors.
  • All components are carefully selected.


yayuma awareness product

Product line

The advanced


It is the line of products with the highest market positioning, addressed to the most demanding music lovers who seek for unrivalled and uncompromised solutions which guarantee the highest quality of sound.

The line is being designed


Products of the highest quality for professional applications.

The line is being designed